Australian Sheepskin Apparel (ASA), a top notch industry provider of warm, all natural Merino sheepskin products, announced their new extra-large (bariatric) hi-temp UR medical sheepskin overlay, a bed pad product for individuals suffering from pressure ulcers and moisture build up at the skin interface. This company prides itself on producing one of a kind medical sheepskin products, to meet the requirements and needs in the health system. Their products are scientifically tested and expert recommended to thousands of patients worldwide for a wide range of medical conditions.

All of the new products at ASA are flexible to use in acute, long term or home care settings. Each is both urine and fire resistant, high temperature (Hi-temp UR) machine washable and tumble dry. The Australian medical sheepskin (AMS) is natural sheepskin from the Merino sheep, it’s not manufactured synthetic fiber. The highly versatile and lab tested product provides for pressure sore prevention. This is due to the dense hollow wool pile in contact with the leather back of AMS.

Medical practitioner Dr. Robert Carter wrote, “It provides pressure relief when placed under areas of pressure neurosis, including sacrum, heels and trochanters”. Many practitioners researched and confirmed the findings in several medical journal publications on Pressure ulcer prevention and treatment using AMS AS4480.1 medical grade green.

Australian Sheepskin Apparel has further developed a medical sheepskin wound dressing that offers unsurpassed pressure ulcer and wound treatment to patients that other devices and wound dressings on the market do not offer. The all natural medical Merino sheepskin products are suitable for those suffering from contractures, deformities and other serious health conditions. In most healthcare facilities, waterproofing is a requirement, however, service providers are at a disadvantage, that the use of plastic covers will lead to moisture affecting the skin interface.

ASA has further developed a coccyx pad that is inserted inside the incontinent garment to create pressure reduction and absorb the very acidic incontinence fluids away from the skin tissue and keep the skin clear. ASA has also stated that the hollow wool fibres move with the skin and allow the skin to breathe. This allows people to be moved without creating frictional force and don’t have the risks of skin tears, and deep ulceration.

“Despite the efficacy of the Australian medical sheepskin, most nurses are reluctant to believe in the products,” Dr. Carter said. “They generally consider sheepskin as products without Merino content or are made of a synthetic polyester pile.”

Scientifically speaking, industry standard medical sheepskins are known for the dense wool pile of Merino sheepskin, the finest quality grade sheepskin in the world. With the availability of medical bed pads and other pressure relieving products, individuals and patients worldwide are fortunate to have such a lab tested product. Each is specifically tailored to those who suffer from pressure ulceration and many other medical conditions.The use of these medically tested solutions in healthcare facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes would alleviate the high rate of bed sores prevention.

Australian Merino medical sheepskin are perfect for those who are looking for high-quality options. The products are all made from sturdy, authentic Merino sheepskin. The company uses only the most exceptional components, making the new XL medical overlay bed pads, wound dressings and other products, the best in the industry. Products are also available to different users at a very competitive rate. The entire product line is now made available online at a fair and reasonable price, guaranteeing amazing results and huge savings for a very long time.

About Australian Sheepskin Apparel (ASA)

The company has a strong reputation for offering the best natural product to a wide market. Their products are Merino sheepskin that is known for the most dense hollow wool fibre. Their products are scientifically tested for giving warmth, creating airflow and incredible comfort. They are also durable, urine resistant, fire resistant and high temperature washable (hi-temp UR certified) and tumble dry. ASA products will stand the test of time when washed with Skinsan liquid detergent (warranty requirement). The vibrant green color denotes that the Australian medical sheepskin is the industry recognized medical grade AS4480.1, as per medical journal publications. The company remains dedicated to developing their trademark medical products for individuals and patients worldwide.

Add the bed pad medical overlay or any other medical sheepskin product to the cart today. Then enjoy the huge benefits in quality and comfort let alone results, superior to any other product on the market. Contact Stephen Playford for more information. The company has an excellent team of customer representatives that are always ready to help! Take action today and realise why many people count on the company.


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