March 26, 2024 (Wilkes-Barre, PA) – AllOne Health, a leading provider of EAP and whole health solutions, today announced findings from its third consecutive Annual Report Card on EAP and Mental Health Benefit Trends. This report, which reflects survey results of over 300 client organizations, reveals employees continue grappling with emotional exhaustion, stress, and diminished focus amid the challenges of modern life and work.

In response to a growing mental health crisis and its impact on work, employers are looking to employee assistance programs to augment access to high-quality mental health care, support leaders in managing workforce challenges, and help create a psychologically healthy work environment for all.

“We fully recognize that mental health remains one of the most critical issues of our time,” explains Keith Wasley, President and CEO of AllOne Health. “Through our EAP experience and annual report card results, we’re seeing leaders realize mental health is more than just an employee benefit, it’s a business imperative.”

When asked the industry trends or challenges most impacting their business, clients reported:

  1. Mental Health, Burnout, Stress (30%)
  2. Retention, Turnover and Recruitment (20%)
  3. Economy and Recession Concerns (9%)
  4. Virtual Workforce Challenges with Engagement, Communication, Culture (7%)
  5. Work-Life Dependence Care (7%)


Mental health concerns remain the top reason people seek EAP services—and prompted 71% of all referrals. People were seeking help with anxiety, depression, grief, family issues, personal relationships, and work-related stress. The remaining 29% of cases involved people seeking referrals for expanded services, such as referrals for legal and financial consultations, family care, medical advocacy, and lifestyle support.

People appreciate options for in-person and virtual care. According to the survey, 40% of all respondents opted for in-person counseling; 48% chose video or online access (including text and chat). Telephonic sessions had a remarkable 71% increase over last year and represented 12% of total calls.

“These findings underscore the importance of offering diverse and flexible mental health support,” added Wasley. “People still want the high-touch strengths of a traditional EAP. However, they also appreciate the convenience and accessibility provided by today’s technology. I’m proud that our services provide the best of both worlds.”

To help relieve the burdens placed on managers, AllOne Health has expanded its Organizational Consulting solutions, including support for leadership development, team dynamics, change management and conflict resolution. Additionally, integrated Wellness coaching covers stress, nutrition, physical activity and the mind-body connection as part of our whole health approach.

Overall, 99.5 of survey respondents agree that AllOne Health’s whole health approach has had a positive influence on individual employees, teams, and the organization itself.

To see the full results of this survey: AllOne Health Annual Report Card.

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